Victorian Gilt antique collectables

Welcome to Victorian Gilt

Antique lace handkerchief, costume pearl necklaceVictorian Gilt is a specialist shop dealing in a wide variety of 19th and 20th century antique collectables and textiles.
We particularly specialize in antique sewing tools, lace, clothing and costume jewellery but also carry a wide and diverse range of antique textiles, corkscrews, embroidered and beaded bags and vintage mahjong sets.

The Victorian Gilt antique shop could never be accused of having a Spartan or minimalist look.
Every shelf, cabinet and rack bulges, bursts and spills over with mementoes of the past. Items that reflect the glamorous societies of the 1920's and 30's, and the delicate wisps of lace from a genteel and leisurely Victorian lifestyle.
An era when every female child was taught to sew, from either the perspective of filling in numerous hours of leisure, or as a pioneer women, from necessity.
The items illustrated in our online antique shop are just a tiny selection of what is in stock as we have over 300 strings of antique beads alone, and over 100 antique thimbles...
Please contact us for details of our greater range of items but bear in mind that although items can be similar they are rarely the same. Costume jewellery and lace is obviously a very different field to that of pottery and porcelain when thousands of items were made identically.
I hope that you will enjoy visiting our website. If you have any comments or quieries please do not hesitate to contact us.